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What is CCTV?

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Создано 11.03.2021



What is CCTV is nothing more than Closed Circuit Television, or CCTV, a closed circuit television system. Some people mistakenly call Pasang CCTV Murah analog video surveillance, but this is not true, since these are completely different concepts and should not be confused. As soon as we connect the CCTV camera to the DVR, it becomes an IP camera. The closed loop television system can indeed be analog, or rather it was such at an early stage of its development, but modern technologies do not stand still, moreover, they are actively developing and at the moment it is no longer possible to put these concepts in one row.

What is IP video cameras. These are the same security cameras, only they already have a built-in function for outputting a video signal to the Internet, because IP is nothing more than a protocol that unites individual subnets into the Internet and nothing else.

Some comrades attribute mythical functions to IP cameras, which, in my opinion, are nothing more than a PR move and nothing more, because it is necessary to somehow justify the high cost of IP cameras relative to CCTV cameras. For example, some manufacturers say that their IP camera is able to replace several CCTV cameras at once, due to the image quality, but at the same time they completely forget that each video camera has a certain viewing angle and if it is necessary to view a large area, then one camera is simply not physically will be able to do it.

Humanity really began its development in the field of security video surveillance with CCTV video cameras, since at that time the Internet had not yet had time to become widespread, and video images were recorded on video recorders through quadrators or multiplexers - these are analog-digital devices that combined the original images from several camcorders in one common, which were later replaced by more modern and easy-to-use Digital Video Recorder or DVR for short - digital video recorders. Then mankind refused to record video on cassettes similar to those used in VCRs, which were very popular in the 90s. They were replaced by hard disks (hard disk drives or HDDs), at first their capacity was not large and amounted to only 100 - 250 GB, but in a short period, manufacturers have developed hard drives with a capacity of more than 1-2 TB, the convenience of using HDD is undeniable and does not require additional clarifications.

Years passed and everything changed. The production was adjusted to the ever-increasing needs. Security video surveillance is widespread. If 10 years ago, the main consumer of these products were state. institutions, then at the moment security video surveillance has already entered our daily life. We see cameras literally at every step: in offices, shops, banks, schools, kindergartens on the streets and even at home. At the same time, the Internet has entered every home and we can no longer imagine life without it. Of course, the consumer wants to be able to view images from their camcorders on their computer via the Internet, and all modern DVRs give him this opportunity.


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