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Категория: Советы
Создано 16.02.2022


Chappie is a unique artificial intelligence robot capable of not only thinking, but also feeling. He was born into this world quite recently, and he still has to get used to many things. Now, in his mind, he is still a child. Like any person, he learns, gains experience and even falls under the influence of others. How the iron hero will fall into the wrong company and what awaits him ahead will be told by the film A Robot named Chappie.

The action begins with a young scientist named Deon Wilson. After the damaged police droid was in his hands, a series of unthinkable events began. Together with the repair of the robot, artificial intelligence was created in it. From that moment on, the droid has a personality, though still a small child, since he is just getting to know the world around him. However, being at the training stage, he finds himself in a new family. Or rather, local gangsters take him away from Deon, but the iron hero sees everything differently. He is given a name, and he, in turn, calls the bandit Ninja dad, and Yolandi mom. The criminals hope to create an invincible assistant out of him, capable of doing literally any job. To do this, they begin to teach him bad things. Despite the fact that Chappie steals a car for them, he refuses to learn how to shoot, as he does not want to harm anyone. Some time later, the heroes are put forward on a robbery, and there they reveal the secret of the robot. Whether he can earn the right to a fulfilling life, you can find out thanks to the opportunity to watch Chappie the Robot online.

For modern cinema, the topic of artificial intelligence is not something new, and every year it becomes more difficult to surprise the viewer. However, this genre of nonton online is constantly being improved, and the stories are becoming more exciting. In this picture, everything seems unattainable and plausible at the same time. The main character successfully reveals his personality and makes you empathize. Literally from the first minutes of its appearance on the screen, the viewer forgets about the body of the robot and begins to see in it only life and perfection. If you plan to watch online as Chappie, you will surely feel it too.


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