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Wonder Woman: 1984

Категория: Это интересно
Создано 11.03.2021


Wonder Woman 1984 begins completely in the spirit of Leni Riefenstahl's Olympia, only instead of athletic Nazis on the screen we see the Amazons from Themyscira - an island hidden from human eyes. They arrange something like the Olympic Games among themselves. How quickly it becomes clear Bioskop Online - this is a flashback, the memory of Diana Prince, Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) about the childhood spent on the island, when she learned to play by the rules and realized the importance of truth. According to the plot, about seventy years have passed since the first part, the colorful 80s are in the yard, Diana has settled down among people, but she continues to miss the pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), who was her first and, it seems, her only love. At the very least, Wonder Woman shies away from relationships and is incognito bringing order to Washington, D.C., where she works as a senior anthropologist at the Smithsonian Institution in her day-to-day incarnation. One day, her institute will receive an ancient artifact - a dream stone that can grant wishes. Diana will unknowingly ask him to bring her beloved Steve back to life, her insecure colleague Barbara Minerva (Kristen Wiig) will want to be like Diana, and the ambitious businessman Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) - to become the embodiment of a stone in order to personally fulfill desires.

This stone - the trigger, the plot trigger - is understandably absent from the movie trailer, but almost all of the action can be found in the trailer. Let's face it, the sequel "Wonder Woman" is not the most spectacular movie, so if you came for an attraction, then you were on the wrong door. The entire first hour is devoted to a leisurely, as is the case with director Patti Jenkins, exposition: the characters chatter incessantly, bridges are being built, Chekhov's guns are loaded. So that the audience does not get bored, there will be a small chase in the middle of the picture, and at the end there will be a final showdown (but do not expect much from it, after all, this is not "Birds of Prey"!). However, if you came for high-quality drama and author's statement, then you will not be left at a loss. Aesthetically, the new "Wonder Woman" is made in the spirit of "Supermen" with Christopher Reeve and, God forgive me, "Supergirl" (1984), that is, deliberately silly (for example, aerobics will be joked in the film more than once). In terms of content, Jenkins' picture will give odds to many superhero blockbusters, as it speaks out on a whole range of topical topics. From what lies on the surface: the director builds a roll call between the Reagan and Trump eras, using the example of Barbara Minerva, she shows how sexism and male chauvinism can turn a woman into a villain, and using the example of Maxwell Lord, she denounces the lust for power and the desire for fame (the hero of Pedro Pascal with his phrase "The world belongs to me" and the white suit turns almost into a copy of Tony Montana from "Scarface"). However, the dignity of Jenkins' film is that there are no one hundred percent villains: both Barbara and Maxwell are, first of all, tragic figures, hostages of their social status and origin, so the topic of privileges is also raised in the film. For example, Wonder Woman, like Peter Parker in the second Spider-Man, is losing her powers. All this grows into a metaphor for the loss of privileges that Diana was gifted with from childhood and which she, obviously, has yet to reconsider. But the main collision of the tape is still built on the opposition of two strategies - creative (Diana and Steve) and destructive (Barbara and Maxwell), the conflict of who we want to be and who we really are, as well as the story of what kind of power hidden in the ability to give up your desires.


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